Sean Agnew

Diffraction-based characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior of crystalline materials


Naser Alijabbari

Naser Alijabbari

GaAs diode fabrication, silicon micromachining, heterogeneous integration technologies, and submillimeter-wave nonlinear circuit design


Barker Lab Photo

N. Scott Barker

Micromachining submillimeter waveguide components


Andreas Beiling, Faculty, SEAS, UVa, July 2013

Andreas Beling

Photonic devices and integrated photonic technologies


Steven Bowers

 RF and mm-Wave integrated circuits and systems



Benton Calhoun

Low power digital circuit design, sub-threshold digital circuits



Steven Caliari

Engineering dynamic biomaterials to explore the interplay between cells and their microenvironment, and applying these platforms to address fundamental human health challenges



Joe Campbell

Avalanche photodiodes, semiconductor lasers, photonic integrated circuits



Robert Davis

Development of new or improved catalytic materials through study of the role of catalyst structure in chemical reactions



Bascom Deaver

Superconducting phenomena, devices, and electronics and THz receiver technology



Kevin Esfarjani

First-principles computation of materials properties: transport, thermal, and mechanical



Jim Fitz-Gerald

Research and teaching interests include the processing, modeling, and behavior of nanofunctional and electronic materials and their novel contributions to the electronic and biomedical communities.



Jerry Floro

Nanoscale self-assembly of functional materials in films and bulk


John Gaskins

John Gaskins

Thermal transport in materials at ultra-high temperatures (>1000C) and under external fields, measurement of interfacial thermal transport, development of optically based non-contact, non-destructive characterization tools.


University Teaching Fellow 2008 In his short career, Avik Ghosh has done groundbreaking nano-electronics research describing how electronic current moves at the most fundamental, atomic level, said department chairman Lloyd Harricot. Ghosh brings to his teaching a similar "from the ground up" pursuit of refinement and willingness to experiment. He developed a popular new course, "Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics," based upon his own research, and plans to offer an undergraduate version of it that will require only second-year-level mathematics. Being "adaptive in real time" to the feedback solicited from his students, Ghosh wanted to better serve not just the "middle-group of motivated students" in each class, as he put it, but the "so-called stragglers [who] often fell behind on a crucial lecture or two and before long found themselves lost and overwhelmed, their confidence and motivation shattered." So he made it easier for students to revisit the new concepts he shared in each class, by posting online summaries of each lecture along with video files of his Powerpoint lectures with synchronized voice-overs. "Students could listen to the lectures any time, jump between slides and replay them multiple times until their understanding kicked in," he noted. The student feedback was unanimously positive. As one student put it, "It is so nice to be able to slow you down from time to time, Prof. Ghosh!" Ghosh also held mock exams and led problem sessions where he deliberately under-prepares, "so students could see me stumble, make errors and figure my way around, while all the time thinking aloud. This was crucial!" Students have responded. "Professor Ghosh was a fantastic teacher," said one. "For material that is so complicated and that most people tend to struggle with, he made it as clear as possible and was very effective." Another student concluded, "Best teacher I've ever had here at U.Va."

Avik Ghosh

Non-equilibrium properties of nano-scale material structures



 Michael Gorman

Social psychology, especially the social psychology of collaboration and how technical and social systems are coupled


harriottl loyd

Lloyd Harriot

Advanced lithographic technologies, nano-scale systems



Helge Heinrich

Nanoscale structural and chemical electron microscopy of device features, coatings, interfaces, reaction products, and defects in materials



Patrick Hopkins

Energy transport, charge flow, and photonic interactions 



John Hossack

 The use of ultrasound and optical methods in both clinical/pre-clinical imaging and to effect localized drug delivery



Jim Howe

Application of in-situ high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscope techniques



Robert Kelly

Study of and microinstruments for corrosion monitoring and service life prediction of structure



Kyusang Lee

Flexible electronics and optoelectronic devices



Xiodong (Chris) Li

Nanomaterial-enabled energy systems, surface engineering



Arthur Lichtenberger

Investigation of materials, processing technologies and devices for TH, Si photonics and superconducting circuits



Eric Loth

Supersonic, multiphase, bio-inspired, nano-scale, and aeroelastic fluid



Stephen McDonnell

2D material interfaces in electronic devices



Pam Norris

Nanoscale thermal transport, phonon engineering, heat pipe technology, and applications of aerogels



Brooks Pate



Oliver Pfister

Experimental and theoretical quantum optics for quantum information and ultimate-precision measurements



Joe Poon

Synthesis, characterization, and computation of magnetic, thermoelectric, and mechanical properties of nanostructured and amorphous materials


Petra Reinke, Materials Science, UVa.

Petra Reinke

Surface science of carbon, semiconductor and metal nanostructures



John Scully

Study of fundamental material, chemical and electrochemical factors governing the corrosion of high performance materials as well as interface engineering for corrosion mitigation



Mircea Stan

High-performance and low-power VLSI, embedded systems, and nanoelectronics



Haydn Wadley

A broad range of research interests that span the synthesis, structure and performance of novel materials.



Robert Weikle

High-frequency semiconductor devices, millimeter-wave power generation



Houston Wood

Fluid mechanics in turbomachinery bearings and seals



Baoxing Xu

Multiscale mechanics for functional material and device design



Giovanni Zangari

Electrodeposition, electrochemical energy conversion systems


Mona Zebarjadi, Assistant Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Project Name IAMDN Brochure

Mona Zebarjadi

Electron and phonon transport modeling on energy conversion systems



Jian-Zhong Zhang

 Development of processing technologies and detectors 



Leonid Zhigilei

Development of multiple length and time-scale computational methods for materials modeling